Isoboy Type M 90° - R

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Isoboy type M-90 - R is the ideal cutting tool for cutting insulation panels made of mineral wool, polyurethane, cork and foam
. Isoboy type M-90 - R is the basic unit for the Isoboy R-Cutter-90
The forced flow of the thin blade is very accurate cuts with very little dust.

The dual rail guide the saw, front and rear, and the good clamping of the insulation board using lever (parallelogram) around the cutting height to meet all the conditions for an excellent right-angled and clean cut.

Isoboy type M-90 - R are free standing with the built-in stand, but can also be used for leaning on a facade, with the extended wall support.
With little effort panels be cut with high density.

Cutting process:
Stop set to the required width.
Rigid insulation lead Parallelklemmung open and place on support bracket.
press down with the parallel clamping guide rail.
Plates with the special Schneidesäge cut in half.

Cutting length 1200 mm
Section thickness to 260 mm

Delivery unit
Isoboy type M-90 - R
Magnetic holder
for Schneidesäge folding stand

Accessories and Supplies

Additional items for upgrading to Isoboy R-cutter 90 are:
Roll Stand
Insulation diameter


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