Foamcutter Foamboy Standard I - cutting on the scaffold

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The high-performance professional hot wire cutter for cutting insulation and insulation from styrodur, polystyrene and polystyrene non-plasticized foam.

Use: For thermal insulation system ETICS, insulation etc.

Time to heat: 1-2 seconds.

Cut variants: Straight, bevel, diagonal, stepped, slanted cuts, etc.

Transformer including thermal fuse: The electrical connection from the transformer to the bow is made by a high quality, splash-proof XLR industrial connector.



imit stop rider  

Limit stop rider

Thanks to the limit stop riders and scale the required angular dimensions can be adjusted extremely precis. No marking of the plate is necessary before starting the cutting procedure therefore the work can be done much faster than with the comparable DIY tools.

Foamcutter with Scaffold bracket  

Scaffold bracket

The scaffold bracket is fixed on the reverse side of the device and enables efficient cutting directly on the scaffold.

Foamcutter with Stand base  

Stand base

The roll free-standing base enables free-standing or also leaning employment. It is provided with adjustable height up to 24 cm.




Cutting length 1.040 mm
Cutting height 330 mm
Plate supporting surface 1000 mm
Longitudinal stop 600 mm
Transformer 220-230 V / 50-60 Hz / 37 V, 160 VA / protection class IP 68. Absolutely waterproof.
Please contact us via eBay message system, email or phone call, if you need 110V.
Plug Connection to the transformer via splash-water proof XLR industrial connector
Dimensions 20 mm x 330 mm x 1.400 mm
Bevel 0-90 degrees
Weight 16,2 kg
Adjustable ruler With millimeter scale and rider



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